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Mining sites are often based in remote locations and harsh environments, they require a reliable and efficient power supply. ProGen Industries has a proven track record of providing mining customers with cost effective power. The continuous and efficient power supply is very important for all mining operations, particularly those in which power failures may affect the safety of personnel and material.


Our fast, scalable and efficient solutions offer MPU (Mobile Power Unit) and SPU (Stationary Power Unit) Medium Speed engine technology to deliver customized generation that fits your requirements for fuel, frequency and scale.

Count on uninterrupted power to support critical mining processes like crushing, dewatering and ventilation, smelting and refining. By meeting variable load demand, we help you to maximize your operational capacity with an optimum availability efficiency of machines and systems, full utilization of the technical potential by reducing costs for down and other non-productive times

ProGen’s modular, turnkey power plants can scale from 1MW to 100MW or more, meeting the growing power needs of a mining operation throughout the exploration to development to full production life-cycle.


Using innovative technology, we can help your mining operations manage cost more effectively by switching fuels based on price and availability. In addition, our hybrid fossil/renewable integrated technology has the assurance of reliable back-up power to deal with intermittent renewable power output.

When losing power isn't an option, contact Progen to learn more about our range of

reliable, efficient and cost -effective power generation solutions

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