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Mobile Modular Flex Fuel Power Generation Solutions designed to deliver continuous power 24/7 for Crypto projects from 1MW - 100MW


The TITAN 2500 GEN is trailered mounted extreme duty industrial grade mobile power generator set package that utilizes a low speed two cycle gas fired engine generator technology to provide unmatchable reliability in harsh or remote manned. 

With a rotating speed of only 750-900 rpm the TITAN delivers maximum durability and performance to provide a continuous supply of 2500 kilowatts of utility grade power at altitudes up to 1200 meters and site ambient temperatures that range from minus -10 to 55 degrees Celsius.

The TITAN generator set is packaged into a single trailer mounted powerhouse that includes all operating auxiliaries required for normal operation, and is controlled from a single HMI touch screen inside of a climate regulated compartment that houses all electrical and ancillary controls including a full-size 5kV switchgear cubicle with vacuum breaker. The TITAN is offered for 50Hz or 60Hz operations in varying generator output voltages up to 15kV.  


Packaged with a 12-cylinder medium speed two stroke engine with direct gas injection, this natural gas engine is designed to provide up to 50,000 hours or more of full load service operation between overhauls without minor overhauls or interim major maintenance events. A warranty of 24 months from the in-service date or 30 months from the date of purchase is included as standard. 

The TITAN delivers the lowest cost to own and operate in any operating environment and typically delivers operating and maintenance costs that are up to half of any reciprocating engine driven generator set or turbine. 


The TITAN is the ONLY mobile power module that will take a 110% block load and recover in less than 2 seconds or reach a full 110% load in less than 10 seconds from start-up.  


One of the most attractive features of a successful Gas to Power Crypto project is...

TITAN is capable of processing millions of cubic feet of gas per day or as little as 35,000 cubic feet per day and operates effectively across a wide spectrum of gas compositions ranging from 600-2500 mmbtu/mcf.

Progen flare gas remediation stations are able to consistently consume the typical fluctuations in the volumes of flare gas without any interruption in the remediation process or the consistent supply of electric power for any site demand as long the volume of gas is available. As a source of offset revenue, an excess amount of electricity is typically available to supply power to any connectable site consumer or to the grid.

This Progen flare gas remediation package incorporates a Grounded Power Load Controls System or GPLC. The GPLC system controls the consistent remediation of the volume of flare gas supplied while at the same time processing a stable supply of electricity to power any site or off-taker load demands.

The TITAN utilizes built-in emissions control technology and catalytic converters that significantly reduce NOx, CO, VOC and methane emissions compared to flared gas emissions to meet or exceed all EPA requirements.