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CHP, or Combined Heat & Power is an efficient on-site power system designed to simultaneously create two different forms of useful energy from a single primary fuel source.

Cost and performance benefits of CHP systems are numerous. Heat captured by CHP systems can be used in many ways such as air conditioning, power dehumidification systems, or any industrial processes that require steam or hot water.

The USCHP association estimates that CHP systems save building and industry owners over 5 billion dollars annually in energy costs, while producing around 12% of US electric power. CHP is less vulnerable than centralized power plants to outages and transmission and distribution congestion and constraints.

By harnessing heat energy which normally goes to waste, our CHP systems dramatically reduce overall energy consumption by up to 35%. CHP systems will reduce Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide, Sulfur Dioxide, particulates and Volatile Organic Compound emissions.

CHP systems are beneficial to the environment since energy consumption is drastically reduced, so are green house gas emissions. When compared to typical power generation facilities that produce only electricity, the benefits of the CHP system is outstanding.


Any facility or location that requires or can utilize significant amounts of thermal energy could be perfect for CHP applications. Let our team of experts uncover new ways to harness lost energy in your business.

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