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Ideal for smaller applications and back up power for residential and businesses, High Speed Power Generators are a cost effective solution for applications up to 1MW.



High-speed diesel generators offer considerable startup and operational benefits, but concerns about reliability, shorter maintenance intervals, and longterm durability leave many questioning whether they’re right for prime applications.

Total cost models vary between high speed and medium speed generator sets, but four major economic components are central to any comparison of life cycle costs over time:


  • Initial CAPEX .

  • Fuel consumption.  

  • Frequency of service intervals and associated costs.

  • Frequency of major overhaul intervals and associated costs.

The most commonly cited advantage of high-speed generator sets is the significantly lower initial cost associated with their smaller, more efficient design. Depending on the application, capital costs alone can be as much as 50 percent lower than a medium speed generator of comparable capacity. However, the cost to own over the life cycle of the unit is cheaper with a medium speed since it has considerably lower Operations and Maintenance costs. For example, Our medium speed units can typically run continuously for 5 years before needing a major overhaul. That being said, High Speed Generators form an important part of our Power Portfolio for projects with smaller outputs or limited annual run times.

While high-speed generator sets are capable of continuous, indefinite operation, factors suggest they are most cost-effective for back up power and prime power applications where annual run-time is limited to a range from hundreds of hours to a few thousand hours per year. 


ProGen takes into account the needs of the project when designing the perfect solution.  Depending on the application, a High Speed Generator could be the perfect solution, or be used in part of a larger power project. 

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