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Progen GenSets utilizes a two stroke medium speed reciprocating engine for its unique durability and enhanced performance advantages verses any other medium speed or high speed four-cycle reciprocating engine.



The following information describes some of the most important reasons why Progen or anyone should choose this medium speed engine as the most reliable solution for any performance driven baseload power application or critical back up and emergency power generation packaged solution.

With a two stroke engine, combustion at every crankshaft revolution results in lower firing pressures and smooth power output. This keeps stresses in critical engine components to a minimum resulting in high durability. The smoother combustion translates into extremely low vibration energy transfer to facility structures.

The engine’s uniflow-scavenged two cycle design allows customers to realize superior engine performance reliability and the highest possible uptime.

Lower operating stresses (lower cylinder firing pressure) inherent to this medium speed two cycle design results in service components with a distinctive combination of light weight and completely unmatched durability and service life. Service and overhaul of the complete engine requires only traditional hand tools without the need or expense of special tooling and expertise.

Complete cylinder power assemblies (cylinder head + cylinder liner + piston + connecting rod) can be replaced in less than four hours. Kilowatt for Kilowatt, no medium speed engine can be overhauled in less time that this engine

The Progen GenSet medium speed two stoke engine offers lower operating speed and lower firing pressures that allow for safer operation, less spinning horsepower, better fuel savings, and reduced component wear. This engine offers operations and maintenance costs typically 3-4 times lower than any high-speed engine and all other medium speed engines.

By firing each cylinder once per each revolution and benefiting from a constant plentiful supply of combustion air through a unique overrunning clutched turbocharger design, this engine is unique in its ability to smoothly accept load at any range in its designed capacity at a rate no other medium speed engine in the world can match.

Cool, high density charge air is delivered to each cylinder across the entire load range of the unit and enables full load rapid power response even if the starting load is at zero. Maximum air-fuel ratio across the designed load range minimizes injected fuel at each combustion cycle, minimizing operating cost and environmental impact.

The superior transient load response capabilities in the form of 3% maximum frequency dip and return to 100% synchronous speed in 500 milliseconds and a 98% operating availability of a generator set packaged with this engine opens a new level of simplicity for design of power base load CHP power management systems.

This near instantaneous availability of full load output in one step minimizes the size and footprint of any installed electrical power system and eliminates load shedding normally needed to protect bus frequency from slower responding generator set engines.

The use of a the Progen GenSet medium speed (750-900rpm) two cycle engine allows Progen to package the most load responsive generator set in the world with the highest power density and smallest footprint.

Testing proves these engine driven generator sets ranging from a 1250 HP 8-cylinder engine, a 3500 HP 12-cylinder engine, a 4100 HP 16 cylinder engine, up to a 5000 HP 20 cylinder engine are able to accept full load from no load in one step and recover speed in 2 seconds.

As a result, we are offering the only reciprocating engine driven generator set that can go from not running to full 110% block load in less than 10 seconds from a simple start command.

The simple and robust design of this two-cycle engine has stood the test of time by adapting to new demands and requirements to increased performance, durability, reliability, and maintainability.

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