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We provide mobile and stationary power generation solutions to energy producers and partners all over the world. Our units are designed to perform in harsh and remote environments and our innovative approach and  solutions means our customers spend less to get a better product.



We don't want to sell you a cheap generator and tie you in to a prohibitive O&M contract that kills you on the back end. We offer honest, upfront pricing for quality American made Generator Sets which we build from the ground up at our facility in Florida.

Designed to give you years of trouble free service our Medium Speed Generator Sets define reliability and efficiency.  Medium speed, higher efficiency, excellent reliability, lower operational and maintenance cost and lower emissions are key design features of our line of generator sets.

Our Generator Sets offer continuous output ratings of 1500kW, 2000kW, 2500kW, 3000kW and 4400kW, while maintaining an additional power reserve of 10% for standby requirements. Each unit is capable of accepting instantaneous block loads of 110% of the continuous output rating.

Specifically designed for heavy duty industrial and utility power applications, these units are the optimal choice for continuous or peaking requirements from 1500 Kilowatts to 100 Megawatts or more. Each Generator Set is packaged on a single steel skid and include a remote mount radiator, silencer and auto paralleling switch- gear with vacuum breaker as well as remote & skid mounted advanced engine/generator controls and alarm panels.

The advanced “Standard” controls/alarm and monitoring features of the unit provides for full local and remote control and operation and monitoring of a single or multiple unit installation with simple interconnection to any existing SCADA.

These exceptional features, combined with our extremely experienced team of engineers, technicians and 24 hour technical support and field services, make our Power Generation Unit the best choice for on-site critical power plants.

If you're working on a power project and need a quote, our in-house design team will work with you to create a solution that delivers what you need, when you need it. Click here to get in touch.

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