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ProGen technical support and field services  are available to support owners, operators and maintenance professionals.

We offer a wide variety of specialized services, including inspection, evaluation and repair solutions for all types of industrial generators, controls, plant auxiliaries and operating systems.

Our technical abilities and experience level spans over hundreds of successful projects that we  have engaged in for more than 35 years  servicing the needs of globally recognized power producers , plant owners and government and industrial organizations.


Our versatile abilities are sought-after in a number of industries and range from plant design, procurement, inspection, non-destructive testing, repair, maintenance, remanufacturing, refurbishment and upgrade of power generation equipment  and  plant operating auxiliaires to asset management and recovery, valuation, and project management.

Unsurpassed knowledge of power plant electrical and mechanical operating systems, rotating machinery and plant inspection experience is one of our many value-added advantages. Experienced technicians work with cutting-edge industrial  equipment to provide thoroughly documented inspections and reports that include digital photography and commentary.

Plant inspections provide the real-time component condition evaluations required for advanced operations and outage planning. Turnkey mechanical and electrical conditions evaluation data and support to ensures that all necessary data-access is organized and available for easy access and review.  Comprehensive reports are presented in computer email-friendly PDF formats and include high-resolution digital images. MPEG-type video and accurate defect measurements are often necessary and simple to distribute with our internet FTP / downloads.

We provide generator inspections for stator bars and blocks; insulation and strapping; corona; field slot cooling passages; coil end-turns; and insulation migration.



ProGen provides management and technical services, including technical consulting, parts sourcing, reverse engineering with parts manufacturing and supply services with quality assurance. We utilize an experienced cost-effective network of independent and OEM-qualified specialists to facilitate any service project’s critical path.

Our industry experience and technical skill sets in the power generation infrastructure in all applications is your preferred advantage.

ProGen has spent more than a decade in the field, providing the finest overhaul and repair service. We strike the perfect balance of technical, mechanical and experience project management expertise to quickly and efficient implement any service work, repairs, or overhauls during a planned outage, force outage system emergencies or during a scheduled preventive maintenance event.

Count on ProGen to respond to your next power generation field service requirement anytime and anywhere. We have satisfied our loyal clients with our on-site power generation plant services and first class project management for years.

We have built our reputation on a managed on time performance record and the ability to place the highest standards and quality assurance into all of our technical services.

In the ever-growing need for industry asset control and investment recovery, ProGen has risen to the top in designing asset protection and conditions monitoring technology and support services to offer complete asset management and protection of all power plant components, equipment and infrastructure with an individually customized ‘boots on the ground’ project plan.

With a strong track record of managing assets for global stakeholders ProGen can step in and undertake all facets of the plant management of  infrastructure control, including component and equipment assessment, valuation, upgrading, de-commissioning, warehousing, international marketing, staging, disposal and global logistics.






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