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Progen has the expertise and capacity to design, construct, and install power plants anywhere in the world.

Progen is on the leading edge of innovative rapid response solutions. We are a single source solution for designing, packaging and constructing power plants worldwide, having managed hundreds of megawatts of installed power generation solutions, supply and construction projects.

We offer engine generator sales, project management, site construction/support, shipping and logistics support, BOP supply chain management, plant commissioning, O&M training and the after sales service and support required. Our team draws upon over 35 plus years experience in the field to deliver practical, cost effective power solutions.



Single Source Power Generation Solutions designed, built, delivered, installed and commisioned...anywhere in the world.

We reduce the complexity of Energy Generation needs by understanding the processes, operations, and systems necessary to provide the entire solution.



We are not limited by a single OEM approach to Energy Generation, the ability to source the entire market space removes limiting biases in providing solutions.

We can can source multiple solutions tailored to a customer's desired results providing options, clarity and confidence in the solution.



Technology is in a state of constant change always moving due to desired results.   We develop customized solutions for our customers providing both advanced methodologies and integratable abilities.

We understand the limitations of OEM solutions therefore allowing Progen to provide innovative technologies that offset  limitations hence providing a desired result.     



The core of our philosophy is to do a job beyond normal expectations to a point of satisfaction that creates a reputation for excellence.


Constantly striving to raise the expectations of service provided, Progen is committed to being  the standard of Excellence. 

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